Coca Cola Marketing Strategy

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Business Assignment:
Introduction to Marketing
The organization I have chosen for public sector is police services. The company I have chosen for private sector is Coca Cola.
In this report I will describe several marketing techniques that have been used in order to market products and services used by both organizations: public and private sector. I will describe the constraints and limitations under which marketers operate, making use of examples to explain my points.
Private Sector:
Coca Cola Company
Coca cola is a Private Sector Company and is one of the largest beverage producing and distributing companies. It is known more by its original product, Coca cola.
In this report I will describe variety of marketing techniques used by Coca Cola.
Ansoff Matrix used by Coca-Cola Company:
The Ansoff Matrix is a growing strategy that offers the best strategy for development by evaluating the level of risk; consider whether to look for development through existing or new items in existing or new market.

Market Penetration: Market Development: Product Development: Diversification:

Market Penetration:
In this strategy Coca Cola Company sells existing products into existing market. It increases market share, either by selling more products to existing customers or by having new customers within these industries. The goal to achieve in this quadrant here is to expand the sales of the existing products in existing market. Every year Coca Cola

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