Coca-Cola Pest & Value Chain Analysis

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University of Wales institute of Cardiff (UWIC) Assignment on SIM Topic: PEST Analysis, IS/IT Strategy Submitted To: Rajendra Kumar London School of Commerce Submitted by: Name: Md. Matinur Rahman ID: L0627GGMH0210 London School of Commerce |Table of Content | |Introduction: |03 | |Task 1: |03 | |Coca-Cola: PEST Analysis…show more content…
They have cut the rate of interest which motivates the consumer’s demand. (Cheatle, K, 2001) As example, because of low interest, Coca-Cola can take loan in order to invest in other products. Again they can invest the sponging money to research their new products or new technology. As a result the company lunch their new product to the market with a low cost and low price and the customers buy that product and the company sells the product as much as they expect. Not only in the USA but also outside of USA, Coca-Cola has high sales. S: Social Change: Social change is including the lifestyle and the culture. If these are changed then the society also gets impact. Like in USA, average people lead their life which is healthier. They try to put off their habit of taking hard drinks or alcohol and want to replace soft drinks in there. Again the management of time has increased and is at approximately 43% of households. (Web: Children’s Defend Fund, address: Ref. 1) As example, there is a baby boomers age stage of 37 to 55, where many consumer have the existence who are vary much conscious about taking nutritious soft drink. This is known to all that Coca-Cola’s soft drink is healthier than others and finally the impact from baby boomers as age goes to Coca-Cola. T: Technological Change: Technological change is including the changes of a company’s economy like e-commerce or the

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