Coca Cola Research Paper

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General Psychology 10143 Portfolio Assignment The government charged the Coca-Cola Company with marketing and selling a beverage that was injurious to health. They charged the company with producing a beverage that produced serious mental and motor deficits due to the use of synthetic caffeine. They also claimed that Coca-Cola was misbranded because its name implied that the product contained coca, yet it did not contain the whole coca leaf (because the cocaine was removed) and the name constituted a false and misleading design. The government hoped to prove that Coca-Cola caused cognitive, sensory and motor deficits and that Coca-Cola was adulterated because it’s caffeine content was an added…show more content…
When the contract was prepared, it became infamous for being “The World’s Stupidest, Smartest Contract” ever. This contract would haunt Coca-Cola for over a hundred years. This is the moment when Coca-Cola virtually gave away the bottling rights to the world’s most famous beverage. For as long as Thomas and Whitehead fulfilled their end of the deal, it was a permanent contract and they could pass it on to
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