Coca Cola Social Responsibility And Sustainability

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Coca-Cola Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability
Berlandie Benoit
Professor Altamirano
Monroe College: King Graduate School
Large companies like Coca-Cola, have always engaged in corporate social responsibilities. The objective of this paper is to determine whether or not Coca-Cola fulfilled their social responsibilities in India. Coca-Cola had launched their sustainability framework as well as adopting the international Corporate Social Responsibility the Ruggie’s framework in order to conducts its business abroad. However, things made a turn for the worst, they were accused of having pesticides in the beverages as well depletion of water to the community.
Coca-Cola Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability
Coca-Cola is one of the non-alcoholic beverage companies that is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In the 1920’s the company started branching out internationally in the Caribbean and Canadian markets. They also started venturing to Asia, Europe, South America and the Soviet Union. Coca-Cola products are mostly everywhere in the world. During its expansion, Coca-Cola ran into some problems in India. The Indian NGO Centre for Science and Environment reported in 2003 the sample of beverages contains high levels of pesticides which exceeds European Standards. The government was notified regarding this matter and was rectified.

According to Cedillo Torres, Garcia-French, Hordijk, Nguyen and Olup (2012) In 2007, Coca-Cola
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