Coca Cola Sustainability Report

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INTRODUCTION Coca Cola is worldwide brand with its footprint amongst many countries. The assignment seeks to and recommend other ways in which Coca Cola can increase their sustainability and market share. For the purposes of this report I will look at the three products offered by Coca Cola in the South African market. This is the classic Coca Cola, Play energy drink and Bonaqua still water. The company offers nonalcoholic beverages. OVERVIEW OF THE ORGANISATION BACKGROUND The drink was found by Dr John Pemberton in 1886, in Atlanta Georgia and expanded to South Africa in the 1930’s. Coca Cola operates in more than 200 countries which sells approximately 1.8 billion every day. Coca Cola South Africa is part of the Eurasia and Africa with its headquarters in Istanbul. It is number 1 worldwide nonalcoholic beverages brand, of which South Africa is one of the best performing countries in selling the beverages. There are currently twenty two, 22 brands in the South African market consisting of 12 sparkling and 10 still beverages. The company is also involved in community social responsibility programmes such as empowering women and sponsoring of the Olympic. The industry is highly competitive. The competitors of Coca Cola company are Pepsico Inc, Dr Pepper…show more content…
There is little growth potential for Coca Cola because of the market saturation and competition. The negative media publicity will also affect the demand for the product. The sales are at a peak and they have loyal group of consumers which translates into a strong brand. The sales are increasing at a slower pace. Customers are aware of the brand. The brand occupies the shelves in hyper and supermarkets such as the packaging of 2L into combos. For sustainability in the market, the company also offers other products such as Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Fanta Orange, Fanta Grape, Valpre Water, Fruit juices to appeal to larger market segments ,demographic shifts and customer
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