Coca Cola Swot Analysis

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Company background: The Coca cola company is now a largest soft drink company in the world. Coca cola became the largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups which operate in more than 200 countries. Coca cola was invented on May 1886 by Dr.John Stith Pemberton in Jaco’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. The name Coca cola was suggested by Pemberton’s book keeper, Frank Robinson. He penned the name Coca cola in the flowing script that is famous today. Strengths: Coca cola has been a complex part of the American culture for over a century. The images of the products has landed in many broadbands, and there pictures were taken deeply in the heart. The image is printed on posters,…show more content…
Ohterwise, carbonated beverages are very compatible with American fast food culture, therefore there are many retailers are shopped with Coca cola. Threats: Competition between each company is a big problem. The company faces competition in beverages market from local firm as well as globe players. Also, the company faces various competition nonalcoholic beverages such as juice, friut drinks. In many countries which Coca cola sell it’s products, there should be their primary competitior—Pepsi. Other competitor such as Kraft Foods, Nestle. Competitive factors impacting the company’s business include pricing, advertising, sales promotion programs, brand and trademark development and protection. There competition could impact Coca cola’s market share and revenue growth rate. For some political reasons, middle east countries boycotting US brands, which will influence Coca cola’s globe market plan and revenue. Consumers are start to look the better drinks whcih will not cause health problems. This has led to a decrease in the comsumption of carbonated and other sweetened beverages. Moreover, the US is the company’s core market, Coca cola already expect its performance in the region to be sluggish during 2007. Coca cola’s revenue could be adversely affected by a slowdown in the carbonated beverage market. Target consumer: Coca-Cola main objectives are to supply everyone

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