Coca-Cola Usa vs Grove Press Inc

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Coca-Cola USA vs. Grove Press Inc

These are two letters full of different rhetorical strategies, from two dissimilar companies. One from Mr. Ira C Herbert who represents the Coca-Cola Company USA, and the other from Mr. R. W. Seaver, the Executive Vice President of Grove Press Inc. The letter first sent is from the Coca-Col

a Company, it is a cease and desist letter written by Ira Herbert urging Mr. Seaver to stop the use of the coca cola company slogan “it’s the real thing”. The second letter written by Seaver aims at making a ridicule and parody out of the first letter but is still trying to pass across a message which was that the Grove Press Inc company did not try to steal the
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Historical illusions are also being employed in this letter as a form of a rhetorical strategy; it is used in the fourth paragraph just like in the first letter but the only difference is that this time Seaver is telling Mr. Ira Herbert about other cases his company has had in past that were just like this one but posed more of a threat to his company, rather than the history of the slogan “it’s the real thing”. Reduction which means the degradation of a victim is being brought into play by Mr. Seaver in the third paragraph of the letter where Seaver states, “we have discussed this problem in an executive committee meeting, and by a vote of seven to six decided that, even if this were the case , we would be happy to give coke the residual benefit of our advertising”, here Seaver is actually demeaning the stature and dignity of the Coca-Cola company because he is practically saying that if it’s the money coke wants, they would be glad to offer coke the money. A hyperbole is displayed in the concluding part of the letter that says “we will defend to the death your right to use “it’s the real thing” in any advertising you care to”, at this point Mr. Seaver is saying that he and his company are ready to defend to death

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