Coca Cola Value Alignment

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Value Alignment Paper Tanisha Harrison, Starina Nelson, Elizabeth Velazquez, Jennifer Hoff BUS/ 475 Mr. Ramirez August 14, 2012 In today’s professional atmosphere, establishments hire a culturally diverse workforce to have a reasonable advantage over other companies. This modification allows an establishment to concentrate on the steps of life while generating goods, which reaches cultures. In other words, these modifications agree to standards and ethical morals from numerous cultures. It is the responsibility of the executive in any business to introduce morale, beliefs, and their company vision to all of their employees. Directors must “walk the talk.” In this paper…show more content…
Furthermore, the company is participating in roundtables centered on the concept of water stewardship. In short, Coca Cola has strong visions for their future; they have a fully defined path that they want to go down, and many superior goals they are trying to reach. However, they are also one of the few companies making progress toward their goals. In the process, Coca Cola make the world a better place not only through sustainable solutions but also through offering delicious beverages to the crowds. Coca Cola or Coke as known by its consumers know when they have a coke and a smile they are getting a quality product. Coke’s values and marketing over the last 126 years the Coca Cola Company has been in business, they have moved consumers with catchy slogans, historical moments in music, history, movies, and social events worldwide. Along with superior product promotion Coca Cola also is extremely proactive in sharing its company information publicly, from stocks, history, up and coming trends and social and economic responsibility, as well as environmentally. Coca Cola is a company that prides its self on being both socially and environmentally conscious. Coke has many pathways for consumers to view how they share information on their site. Students may browse a special link designated for student research to gain knowledge about the company for business projects and really see how the company has been formed and functioned. Coke is a
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