Coca Cola Water Neutrality Initiative Essay

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1. What was the issue facing The Coca Cola Company in this case? What stakeholders were concerned and how did their expectations differ from the company’s performance?
The major issue facing The Coca Cola Company is the availability of water. Because all aspects of the production are dependent on this resource, from the company’s perspective water is the key component of profitability. Other stakeholders, such as residents of the surrounding area and organizations such as the World Wildlife Foundation and other environmental groups had a different point of view; profitability was not a concern. These stakeholders were concerned with long term effects of demand on the water supply and contamination of water runoff.
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The first step in the life cycle is to identify issues. Coca-Cola completed this step and identified that they were in fact using up too much water and at a faster rate than it could be replenished. The company came to the conclusion that if they did not have access to a ready supply of water, than they couldn't operate. The next step was to analyze the issue. Coca-Cola completed a "comprehensive study" of its national and global operations with regards to its water management and practices as well as its impact. The corporation continued within the life cycle and generated some options for its company to undertake. Coca-Cola reached out to many different stakeholders, including government agencies, and conversation groups. Ultimately Coca-Cola took action by engaging the government agencies, conservation groups, and stakeholders to determine solutions that were agreeable to all. They also developed web-based tools for their suppliers and bottlers to benchmark and share best practices. Ultimately, they decided on a "water neutrality" program that would allow TCCC to return the water consumed to the communities and the environment.
4. How did TCCC use stakeholder engagement and dialogue to improve its response to this issue and what were the benefits of engagement to the company?
The company reached out to stakeholders and various academic experts to seek advice to best resolve the water issue. Extensive studies were performed through surveys

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