Coca Cola Zero in Australia: Marketing Mix Strategy Analysis

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Marketing Mix Strategy Analysis on Coca Cola Zero in Australia Introduction Marketing is a significant tool in the development and success of as a company or organization that is launching a new product in the market (Pride & Ferrell, 2012). Coca Cola Company is among the leading beverage retailers in the world, specializing in non- alcoholic drinks. The company has several brands of beverages, with vast varieties of non-alcoholic drinks. The famous drink that propagated the company to the top is the Coca Cola soda variety, which sells in millions across the world every day. Recently, due to developments in the society and changes, in life styles, Coca Cola released a new beverage in the market in 2006, called Coke Zero. The drink came to Australia soon thereafter as it continued to conquer the extended markets. This development necessitates the development of a mix marketing strategy for the product Coke Zero in Australia to market the product successfully. Product Coke Zero is a non-sugar beverage, manufactured by Coca Cola Company. The drink came from the observation that young people, from age eighteen upwards realized that coke beverage contained much-processed calories. Therefore, the product of Coke Zero remains the only non alcoholic drink, with no sugar contented. In examining the product in a marketing mix strategy, there are three main aspects of the product; these are positioning, packaging and branding (Wenderoth, 2009). In positioning, Australia has a

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