Coca Cola and Coco Frio

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Every day , Puerto Rico is slowly adapting into the American way of life and is gradually losing what is left of their culture. Perhaps this is because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. The poem “ Coca Cola and Coco Frio” by Martin Espada is a great example of someone who encounters the Americanized culture of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is struggling to preserve their own identity. On July 25, 1898 United States troops invaded Puerto Rico during the Spanish American War . As Olga Jimenez de Wagenheim and Kal Wagenheim state“ The war marked new eras for both the United States and Puerto Rico. It was America’s first major step as an imperialist power , The Spanish American War was a small war , edging …show more content…
And in the next seventeen years, when Puerto Ricans were granted American citizenship, by the Jones Act, the implications of this act, especially that of free trade, meant that Puerto Ricans were being treated like Americans, and in turn, "Americanization", "the process by which people of alien culture acquire American ways, standards of living and national allegiance; or the assimilation of American culture by people of foreign birth or heritage" was pushed on the island, and touched all facets of the island (Guerra, 49).

As a result of its status of possession of the United States, the economic facet of Puerto Rico became dependent on the United States and its capitalist economy (Dietz, 1986). It became imperative for the Puerto Ricans to "Americanized" because the success of the Puerto Rican economy was dependent on assimilation to American economic practices; Puerto Rico had to comply or suffer economically, more than it was already. As Puerto Rico no longer belonged to Spain, Puerto Rico was deemed a foreign market to Spain and its products, such as coffee, were highly taxed. There were no such tariffs between Puerto Rico and the United States, making the island a protected market. Now considered part of the American economy, Puerto Rico was allowed trade through United States, but

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