Coca Cola and Socia Media

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Coca Cola and Social Media Marketing Chris Wharton University of Redlands Principles of Marketing BUSB 340 Vernon Stauble 7/28/2011 This paper will define the concept of social media marketing and briefly discuss some strategies associated with the concept. In addition, the paper will discuss how Coca Cola implements social media marketing into their current advertising campaign. Now let us define social media marketing. Social media marketing is described by (Grant, 2010) “as a term that refers to using social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and Digg, as well as blogs, forums and other online communities to reach online consumers.” Social media marketing has given companies a profound opportunity in reaching…show more content…
We can now analyze Coca Colas marketing strategy (McKay, 2009) “keeping pace with their market” and how they incorporate it in the marketing campaign. Keeping pace with the market signifies Coca Cola realizes they need to stay current with trends and interest of the general public. They achieved this by diversifying into alternative markets such as, water and energy drinks. Coca Cola accomplished this by acquiring Vitamin Water, which produces water, and energy drinks. Coca Cola draws customers by involving them in an online interactional program or by apps located on smart phones called “Flavor Creator.” This program enables customers to design their own drink based on their personal preferences, and design their own bottle label. Furthermore, by engaging the public they are encouraged to vote for their favorite flavor and the one who acquires the most votes wins $5,000.00. With the purchase of Vitamin water, Coca Cola is betting this will make up a large portion of their growth in North America. An additional strategy Coca Cola fosters is sports marketing through social media, such as Digg. The sports marketing concept utilizes a gathering place known as “Coke Zero Social Arena”. As stated by (Conway, 2011), “Coca Cola, Turner Sports, and CBS partnered to create one of the largest online fan experiences in social media.” This arena is where fans can go to read professional commentary, fan chatter, and watch live streams of

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