Coca-Cola in India

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Coca-Cola in India 1. What aspects of U.S. culture and of Indian culture may have been causes of Coke’s difficulties in India? Something that could have been a problem right from the start is communication. Countries have different ways of communication, and something could be translated completely opposite of what was meant. Communication problems could have been a cause of the problems in India. Also, the different styles of communication could have been an issue because the United States and India do not use the same styles. Another big problem is that something could be accepted in India and be completely wrong in the United States. What some people don’t understand is that every culture has their own way of doing things, and…show more content…
I think if Coca-Cola would have responded this way they wouldn’t have lost as many sales as they did. Coca-Cola also said that if you target a MNC you are going to get more publicity and more attention from other consumers. Coca-Cola just should have ensured everyone that they were going to test the water and fix the product immediately so they would not lose any sales. Pesticides may be in everything in India, but this is not something a MNC should be bringing up. The only business of matter is that their company is being targeted and they need to fix the problem as soon as they could. 3. If Coca-Cola wants to obtain more of India’s soft drink market, what changes does it need to make? One big change that needs to be made is pesticide free water in the Coca-Cola products. Indians have a lot of trouble with making sure their food and water is contaminated, and things like this aren’t going to help Coca-Cola’s business because they aren’t going to want to risk their health. Indian’s need to feel safe and trustful of Coca-Cola that their products are safe for themselves. Coca-Cola made also need to use less Indian water in their products if that problem cannot be fixed. Whatever it takes for Indian’s to understand that Coke’s products are pesticide free is what Coca-Cola needs to do. The future of Coke in India is in the hands of

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