Coca-Cola is Everywhere with Standardization

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Coca-Cola Is Everything Standardization is very important, as is allows all departments within a business to communicate effectively and efficiently. Supply Chain Management (SCM) tracks activities through the entire organization in order to ensure the process is running more efficiently. Standardization is also important in SCM because it helps to ease the activities that it processes for business partners which can translate to higher efficiency. It is a way to help businesses to smooth out their operation globally. Moreover, Coke can collect all kind of information about its best clientele. Using Mobile applications, they can find what excites their loyal customers from coupons, rewards, or discounts. Once the company discovers what excites customers, it can use target marketing to generate more revenues. Standardization is very important since it provides seamless integration between suppliers and the company and introduces “efficiency” in SCM. It is a successful situation, since Coke has to deal with only one type of bottling platforms and bottlers are getting most likely free software. It is a way for the franchise to smooth out a chain store and to send out the products. Many businesses have been granting franchise to many independent business owners, Coke owned the rights and trademarks of the company product which help those business owners to use the trademark to run the business. As a result, it brings huge success to Coke; as it does not have to go all the way
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