Coca Cola is the Goliath of the Beverage Market Essay

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Coca Cola has been part of popular culture for over 100 years and has been called a “Vision Brand“. Coca Colas “2020” vision is the reason why they continue to be the beverage market goliath. Their 15 year vision shows their commitment to profit growth, innovation, partnerships, the worldwide economy, their shareholders and their employees. Coca Cola’s marketing and communication is deliberate and connects with its audience in a way that makes it stand out from its competitors. Coke’s brand is respected and well known all over the world. For Coke, packaging has been a defining aspect of its essence and a key part of its engagement strategy. The uniquely shaped glass Coca Cola bottle and eye catching red and white colors will forever be the…show more content…
The majority of Pepsi's revenue comes from its food distribution division which owns popular brands such as Frito-Lay, Tostitos and Quaker Foods. Coca Cola is an example of a company with sustained competitive advantage, technological innovation, and a resourceful and an extraordinary distribution network. Coca Cola’s competitive advantage has proven its sustainability over the last 100 years. Their Market dominance is for a number of reasons. The main contributor to Coca Cola’s sustained competitive advantage is due to the secret recipe for Coca Cola, which conceivably tastes better than other carbonated drink. As evident through their roughly 400 brands in approximately 200 markets Coca Cola’s ability to continue to develop new products and means of distribution has secured their future success as a market leading organization. The world’s most effective and efficient distribution system has made Coca Cola accessible to billions of people worldwide. Coca Cola is often available in plentiful supply to people in areas where other beverage and food distribution companies would never consider delivering let alone selling their products. The Middle East and secluded African villages and towns are examples as it’s quite common to see a small shop selling ice cold Coke in the middle of nowhere. Coca Cola’s production techniques and manufacturing efficiencies are so advanced that it costs a fraction of the selling price to
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