Coca Cola 's Annual Report Form

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“Coca-Cola is the number one non-alcoholic beverage company in the world” (Coca-Cola Company, 2016). Even though it is considered one of the most famous brands in the world, it is always trying to differentiate themselves from their “competitors such as Pepsi Corporation, Dr. Pepper Snapple, and Monster Beverages” (Hoovers, 2016). In the article “Coca-Cola Brews Up Big Plans for U.S.” by Jay Moye, states, “Recently, Coca-Cola has announced that they will soon produce, distribute, and market a line of Dunkin Donuts brand iced coffee beverages, which will be sold in grocery stores, convenience stores, and in Dunkin ' Donuts restaurants” (Moye, 2016). This is will be a disadvantage for their competitor Monster Inc. because Coca-Cola plans to steal its customers who have a high demand for energy/caffeine. This new announcement has Coca-Cola hoping they will attract coffee lovers by marketing and promoting these new products.
Coca-Cola’s 2015 Annual Report Form states, “The aggregate amount of funds provided by our Company to bottlers, resellers or other customers of our Company’s products, principally for participation in promotional and marketing programs, was $6.8 billion in 2015” (Coca-Cola Company, 2015). It has been determined that Coca-Cola goes above and beyond to get it’s customers attention such as its holiday ads. Recently, it publicly announced their new commercial for the holiday season. This thirty-second clip consists of a teenage boy walking around his…
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