Coca Cola 's Enduring Success Essay

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The Coca-Cola Company is a one of the oldest and most historic business firms in the United States. The company’s iconic products are instantly recognizable all over the world. The firm has been in existence for more than a century, and the long standing success of Coca-Cola is largely due to the firm’s clear sense of direction that has been maintained throughout its history. Coca-Cola has a powerful mission of providing the best quality product to the customer at the lowest possible cost. The company has developed a far reaching strategic vision for the purpose of achieving these goals. The company has also been quite flexible with regards to the need to periodically alter its mission statement, vision, values and goals, and to expand the range of stakeholder interests that are being acknowledged. This flexibility has been a key element of Coca-Cola’s enduring success (Gourville & Fisher, 2013).
In order to achieve the maximum degree of success that is possible within the context of the consumer marketplace, it necessary that a company possess a profound commitment to the meeting of consumer needs and the cultivation of consumer satisfaction. In order to properly pursue such a commitment, it is frequently necessary that a company adjust its overall set of strategic priorities with regards to the requirements that are necessary in order to meet the company’s goals and objectives. Coca-Cola is a firm that is committed to a comprehensive vision concerning the
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