Coca Cola 's Largest International Investors

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Who would have known that Coca-Cola debut to the world was all because of a pharmacist? And just a touch of carbonation has truly made it a refreshing and an enjoyable carbonated soft drink. It is within “arms reach of desire” as former CEO Robert Woodruff notes. The Coca-Cola Company ultimately cares about its customers and prides itself into providing good citizenship. One of Coca-Cola’s largest international investors was India, from 1993 up until 2003, Coca-Cola invested more than US$1 billion into the country. In August of 2003, CEO of Coca-Cola India, Sanjiv Gupta came to a standstill where he had to further anticipate his next move for the company. The company faced a crisis where the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) issued a press release affirming that three samples of the 12 cold drink brands sold in and around Delhi containing pesticide residues were of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo brands.
Key problems need to be addressed in the most ethical and professional manner. In the short term, key problems that Gupta should focus on is to immediately assure the contaminated beverage is only confined to India and not further escalating into becoming a global problem for other countries. He should also communicate with direct stakeholders to inform them of the situation and address a massive recall. Gupta should then immediately trace back to where the pesticides and insecticides are coming from. Bring in a completely new batch of packaging materials (i.e. bottles and

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