Coca Cola 's Market Segmentation

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In today’s ever-changing global climate market segmentation can help an organization achieve its mission, vision, and goals. An organization’s market segmentation as well can help its profitability and its future sustainability of its product line. Various organizations make use of its target market segmentation on the basis of how it reaches its consumer base, global organization, such as Coca-Cola make use of geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral, which can help the organization reach its target audience. The subsequent paragraphs will attempt to establish Coca-Cola’s market segmentation method, its position strategy based on its brand image, and how the organization targets current, and potential consumers. Coca-Cola…show more content…
Additionally the Coca-Cola Company wants to be a responsible corporate citizen that can make a difference in the lives of the communities in which it serves as well as maximize its long-term profits returns for its shareholders, while being highly effective in its production facilities (Coca-Cola Company, 2015). Values The organizations values according to the Coca-Cola Company (2015) website helps the company behaves in its actions and how it behaves in the market place (Vision). Its leadership helps to shape a better future for its organization, helping to create a collective genius through collaboration, remain real in the eyes of the communities in which it serves through integrity, be held accountable for its actions, its passion, its diversity, and do the things well (Coca-Cola Company, 2015). Coca-Cola Company Marketing Slogans According to the INMA (2015) website a slogan often short memorable phrase that organizations make use of to help draw the attention to various aspects of a particular product or the company itself. Slogans as well helps to paint a corporate image as well as to establish a connection to one’s product or its consumer base (INMA, 2015). Throughout the years the Coca-Cola Company has used various slogans to help market its iconic brand. According to the Coca-Cola Company (2015) website the slogans its made use of throughout the years in its advertising campaigns has reflected on its brand and the time we

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