Coca Cola 's Marketing Plan

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The process of the product is essential in Coca-Cola’s marketing plan. The process determines the capability of Coca-Cola’s product to supply the demand of the consumers. When the process is implemented within the marketing mix it will help determine how Coca -Cola promotes and delivers the value created. It also factors in on how the company wills education and supports their customer’s on an ongoing basis (“Marketing Mixes for Coca-Cola Marketing Essay”, 2013). Their process is considered to be transparent. This means that is it not meant to be visible to their consumers. There are several processes that are implemented by the Coca-Cola Company. Two of the processes involve bottling and labeling solutions. One of the most important stages that Coca- Cola has to consider is the control of the company in order to get products at the agreed time with good quality. The last step the company considers is the selling of beverage for those customers of distributors that are targeted (“Marketing Mixes for Coca-Cola Marketing Essay”, 2013). Coca-Cola’s distribution process is a key element of their offering. The products are available in both cans and bottles. The products can be found in many different locations. These locations include supermarkets, retail stores, pop vending machines, businesses, and other public venues. Coca-Cola provides availability to their customers. This results in customer loyalty for Coca-Cola (Kokemuller, n.d.). History Coca-Cola is a soda pop beverage
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