Coca Cola 's Marketing Strategy

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New Coke The story of one of the biggest marketing blunders in history, is a story of false hubris, desperation, and driving ambition. Made by one of the largest corporations in the world. The creators of a product on the forefront of the American consciousness. As intertwined into American culture as baseball, apple pie, and Thanksgiving dinner. That product of course was Coca-Cola, the formula of which had remained unchanged close to 100 years. Since Coca-Cola’s creation by Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton in 1885 as a topical remedy marketed as a cure from ailments such as stomach pains, headaches, and even impotence, Coca Cola has grown into the number one drink in America. In 1888 Coca-Cola was sold to Asa Candler whose innovative…show more content…
Wherever American troops brought freedom, they carried with them Coca Cola as well. With international expansion, Coca Cola established itself as top dog in the beverage industry, and number two Pepsi didn’t even come close. Coupled with Coca-Cola’s great taste and unescapable marketing tactics, Coke was leading the way. If Pepsi wanted to compete they knew they had to do something fast so as not to fall too far behind. Their solution would be a game changer. In 1975 Pepsi unleashed the Pepsi challenge onto America, testing the public with a blind taste test pitting Pepsi against Coca Cola. The results were damning and shocked Coke executives in Atlanta. People preferred the sweeter taste of Pepsi to that of Coke. When Coke ran their own blind taste tests, they produced the same results, Pepsi was favored. On the heels of the Pepsi challenge, their sales started to grow eventually overtaking Coke in supermarket sales. In response Coke reshuffled their upper management bringing Roberto Goizueta as CEO and Donald Keough as President in the 1980’s. Desperate to reinvent and reestablish the Coca Cola brand the company under new leadership introduced Diet Coke and Cherry Coke. Although successful Coke wasn’t satisfied and decided a more drastic change needed to be made. A change so drastic as to be done completely in secret under closed doors. The unspeakable was a foot, the search for a new Coca Cola recipe. In late 1984 Coca Cola
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