Coca Cola 's Strategic Planning

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1. Part A 1.1 Goals, objectives and core competencies that contributes to the achievement of the mission and vision of Coca-Cola Coca-Cola has been ruling the market for more than a century (Coca-Cola, 2015). • It is the most recognizable brand in the world. • They have a well established network spread across 200 countries with more than 1200 brands. • The company continues to innovate and maximize its growth • It shows its responsibility to the society, local and global. These characteristics of the company, contributes to Coca-Cola’s vision of Getting the world a portfolio of beverages Making a difference to the globe by being responsible Maximizing the profit (Coca-Cola, 2015) 1.2 Current issues affecting the strategic planning process of Coca-Cola There are so many factors that can create an impact on the strategic planning of the company. Growing health concerns Political issues Exponentially changing consumer needs Downturn market trend 1.3 Planning techniques used by Coca-Cola Strategic Planning Coca-Cola focus is on expanding its distribution channels. It has an effective global network with more than 1200 products in about 200 countries. The company continuously focuses on expanding its market. SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is explained in section 2.1. Coca-Cola makes use of this to analyze its ‘strength, weakness, opportunities and threats’ (Coca-Cola, 2014). This tool is used to make sustainable strategic plans for the business. Budgeting Coca-Cola
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