Coca Cola vs Pepsi: Background

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Research Proposal |Student Number: | PROVISIONAL TITLE |Coca Cola Vs Pepsi: how a competitive brand proliferation has determined their dominance in the global soft drink industry? | BACKGROUND | | |It is not a foreign notion that both Coca Cola and Pepsi have been competing with one another in the global soft drinks industry for many years. From the | |early stages, of both the drink brands development…show more content…
To such an extent the market has developed into an oligopoly, in which they | |hold a large market share stifling other competition. This type of competition is discussed in great detail in the Journal of Economics and Management | |Strategy, where company strategic behavioural responses are explained by using various oligopoly competition theories such as Cournot, Bertrand competition| |and Pure strategy Nash equilibrium games. Some of the articles within the Journal are specific to Coca Cola and Pepsi, proving that my topic is both | |contemporary and relevant.[6] The journal also embarks on the effectiveness of constant research and development to maintain product differentiation in the| |market.[7] The journal contains articles relevant to the soft drinks industry[8] and articles that can explain certain company actions like recipe | |patents[9]. | | | |Coca Cola and Pepsi’s century long soda war can be analysed stage by stage, each brands reaction to the other is a carefully thought out plan
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