Coca Cola vs Pepsi in Bangladesh

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Coca Cola vs Pepsi in Bangladesh
Executive summary
This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the Pepsi and Coca cola in their customer segmentation models. This method of analysis includes Market Segmentation, Market Targeting, Market Positioning, as well as the Marketing Mix of Pepsi and Coca cola. The research draws attention to the Market segmentation of the both companies, while the soft drink industry has probably the widest and deepest customer base in the world and variable of Pepsi and Cola marketing ways.

Coca Cola:
Coca cola is another oldest brand in Bangladesh. From the last 50 year Coca cola hasbeen marketing its products through local representatives of Bangladesh. However, now itis marketed by Abdul
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Marketing mix of Coca Cola in Bangladesh:
Coca Cola has a competitive marketing mix like other soft drink beverages has in Bangladesh. These marketing mixes are listed below:
Product: Coca Cola offers two different sweet and flavored cola in our country. This is normal cola and another is dieting Cola. Coca Cola does not frequently change its taste. It has many nutritional values similar to Pepsi. It serves different type of beverage like Sprite, Fanta, etc.
Price: Abdul Monem Limited always tries to keep a standard price of Coca Cola bottles. It also offers promotional discounts, allowances, credit terms and payment period for the stores and Restaurants. Coca Cola, furthermore, offers discounts in a family size bottle frequently.
Place: Abdul Monem Limited has a strong distribution channel to distribute their Coca Cola. They make Coca Cola easy to get and available to the customer everywhere through their expert distributors channel. Their transport facilities, channels of distribution, coverage area, etc. are maintained very securely.
Promotion: Abdul Monem Limited spends about $51 million in five years to frequently advertise Coca Cola products through mass media. They choose standard banner and color to advertise. We see different advertisements of its products with many types of slogans such as “Opening happiness”, “Joy of mind” etc. They also advertise its products in social networks. In addition, Coca Cola besides made some events such as Coke quiz to

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