Coca Cola's Business Performance

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ntroduction The research is aims to exhibit Coca-Cola’s business performance through assessing the utility of chosen business models, which mainly are BCG model and a comparison model: Ansoff’s model, present the measurements that the company has implemented in practice. The following annotations define the underlying theories and background of the model. Furthermore the annotation also exemplifies the business movements of Coca-Cola and the measurements of organizational effectiveness based on the sources, which are generally collected from journals, website, books and magazine articles. Summaries BBC News (2012) Who, What, Why: In which countries is Coca-Cola not sold? BBC News. Available from: [Accessed 20 November 2015]. The information from this article concludes that what business movements of Coca-Cola have been implemented on Burma, Cuba, North Korea, and other countries under different economic environment. The article also reveals the global expansion of Coca-Cola Middle East, Europe and Asian, and the mutual effect between the development of Coca-Cola and global environment. This article is helpful to the research topic since the business actions of Coca-Cola on different countries could reflect the effectiveness of organization’s performance. The limitation of the article is that the factor could affect the business action are mostly political. This article identifies the related performances of Coca-Cola. Therefore
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