Coca Cola's Ethics And Compliance Committee

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Currently Coca- Cola has followers on many different social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Indeed, You Tube, etc. They use social media sites as a way to interact with their consumers and to make sure that the Coca- Cola brand is seen by as many people as possible (Social Media Principles, n.d.). They keep all consumer’s information private unless terms and conditions for release are approved by the consumer, employees or other affiliates. Coca-Cola has an Ethics and compliance committee that make sure that all newly hired employee receive training on the corporate governance guidelines, businesses code of conduct and the anti-bribery policy. They also have an ethics toll free line or you can contact the through their web site for violators of their policies (Company, 2015). They continue to grow when it comes to social media “in Septmber,2015 they used Twitter so that fans could share a coke. Twitter built an emoticon so that every time fans share a coke two bottle would cling together, making a noise and making fans feel like they are saying cheers together” (Staff, 2015). With added social media Coca-Cola has to make sure that their privacy issues stay intact. The company last updated their privacy policy on December, 9th 2015 and there has been no privacy issue’s to date (COCA-COLA PRIVACY POLICY, n.d.). Coca-Cola’s goal is to reach out to as many different age groups as possible, they also practice this same philosophy when choosing their

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