Coca Cola's Human Resources Essay

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I need to produce an analytical report on how a medium-sized or large business manages human resources. I should show the importance of the human resources management to the business, providing a comprehensive overview of all four of the following functions and focussing in depth on one of the functions:

* Human resources planning
* Recruitment and selection
* Training and development
* Performance management

I am going to relate my human resource coursework to UK Coca Cola
London-Edmonton branch and explain in depth how human resource is managed there.

A Little History about Coca Cola

Coca Cola was invented on 8th May 1886 by Dr John S Pemberton in
Atlanta, Georgia – USA. The name Coca Cola was suggested by Dr
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London- Edmonton Coca Cola branch is located in very good accessible place whereas trucks can get to motorway easily to distribute Coca
Cola products without problems because the branch is located near M25 and the motorways have links to M25 too. In terms of accessibility the branch is located in good place and most workers come to work by car also most employees are over 18. The trucks can deliver easily within
London and outside London.

Coca Cola depends on population change and on people’s employment because if there are more young people in the area then the company can sell a lot of its products to its own local area, saving transport money, time and increasing reputation. Coca Cola products are bought and loved from all age groups but most buyers are young people e.g. age 12-25. Coca Cola company is very famous but I think Coca Cola company is not doing much to make itself very popular in Edmonton area and let all people know that there is a Coca Cola factory in Edmonton because I know for sure that there are so many people who doesnÂ’t know about the presence of Coca Cola company in Edmonton.

External labour market information plays
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