Coca Cola's Intellectual Capital: Types and Value

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Coca Cola's Intellectual Capital: Intellectual capital is an important business practice that is considered as the new wealth of organizations because intellectual capital is the foundation of corporate success in the new economy. The significance of this practice to an organization's success is attributed to the fact that it's a source of competitive advantage and the overwhelming evidence of its role in contributing to business success. Intellectual capital is also regarded as the difference between the firm's market value on the stock market and its book value. Therefore, intellectual capital management should be incorporated into a firm's strategic management process, especially during the implementation phase. In the past few years, many organizations such as Coca Cola Company have adopted intellectual capital management as part of their business strategies and practices to an extent that they have generated huge profits and successes. Types of Coca Cola's Intellectual Capital: Similar to many organizations, Coca Cola Company has several types of intellectual capital that enables it to achieve huge success through focusing on different aspects of its business. Generally, intellectual capital is described as the difference between an organization's market value and book value. Moreover, intellectual capital can be described as the knowledge that converts raw materials into valuable products. While these raw materials may be physical, they can also be intangible such

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