Coca-Cola's Marketing Strategy

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Coca Cola Marketing Strategy: The Coca Cola Company has continued to be one of the leading firms that provide refreshments to customers through creating value to consumers, making a difference, and inspiring moments of optimism and happiness. The success of the firm is driven by sustainable growth through achievement of short-term goals and ongoing investment to attain its long-term goals. The company has continued to build its fundamental strengths in innovation and marketing and commitment to enhance efficiency. Coca Cola is also committed to effectiveness in interactions with its system and producing new energy through central brands that concentrate on health and wellness. Recent Marketing Strategy: For a period of more than 100 years, the Coca Cola Company has been part of a famous culture and been referred to as a vision brand. This is largely because the firm's marketing and communication is focused and connects it with its customers in a manner that distinguishes it from its competitors (Bullas, 2012). The company's mission has developed to focus on creating vital positive change across the globe in ways that make the world a better place rather than the mere selling of its products. Coca Cola recently discovered that their marketing strategy needed improvements though it's been effective for decades. The need to evolve Coca Cola's marketing strategy was necessitated by the fact that the firm was shifting from creative excellence to content excellence. While
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