Coca-Cola's Organizational Structure and Human Resource Management

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This success is largely built on the firm's leadership capabilities, and these are fostered by a strong HRM program. Coca-Cola attracts top people, helps them to adjust to challenges in the marketplace, and seeks to retain this talent primarily by providing managers with ample opportunities to grow, given the multiple products and geographic units.

Coca-Cola's organizational structure is based on geographic units, with product units subordinated. Some functions, like global marketing campaigns for the flagship brand and the new product lab, are primarily centralized. There is, however, considerable room for the geographic subdivisions to develop their own marketing and new products, something that also fosters leaders to emerge from unexpected areas.

In general, it is found that there is a high degree of fit between Coca-Cola's strategies and its organizational design and HRM policies. The company is crafted specifically to thrive in its current industry and external environmental conditions.

Coca-Cola is a non-alcoholic beverage company that operates globally. The company has a differentiation strategy, backed by massive advertising, a stable of powerful brands (Interbrand, 2011), ample financial strength (MSN Moneycentral, 2012). Another strength is an exception innovation pipeline that allows Coca-Cola to develop new products…
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