Coca-Cola's Performance Measurement Appraisal Procedure

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Performance measurement appraisal is the procedure whereby the company adopts a certain accepted system of measures in order to evaluate the performance of its company in various factors and in order to see whether programs, investments, and acquisitions are yielding their desired outcome. It is also used (and sometime known as performance appraisal) for assessing department, personnel, production, and other related types of activities. The Coca-Cola company uses the The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) which is "a framework of internationally accepted guidelines and principles for companies and organizations to report on corporate responsibility and sustainability performance" ( In 2011, for instance, Coca-cola measured its performance against the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure economic, environmental and social performance. Using these for the company as a whole. Using these measures, the Company accorded themselves a Grade B+ in each of these areas as recorded in their 2011, and in their 2010/2011 Sustainability Report . The FIRA Sustainability BV , a third party, external assessor also reviewed the Company';s internal performance (GRI Index).. The dimensions of their performance analysis are divided into two sectors: What the business results How how personnel accomplish their tasks The objectives of the annual Performance appraisal is in order to determine the steps that should be

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