Coca-Cola's Share in Innocent Drinks

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Coca-Cola's Innocent Share Innocent is a non-corporate manufacturer of juices, fruit smoothies, and vegetable pots that recently sold a state to Coca-Cola Company for £30 million. The initiative has been considered as a measure that has made Innocent to lose its innocence as some experts argue that this will destroy the company. Innocent markets itself as an eco-friendly firm while distributing drinks in vans that are designed to look like cows. The firm sold a minor portion of between 10 and 20 percent to Coca-Cola in attempts to raise funds for the expansion of its business into Europe. The sale of Innocent's stake is considered as a watershed moment in its 10-year old history, making it one of the latest high profile businesses to sell-up to a corporate giant. Innocent's decision to sell-up to Coca-Cola has raised several concerns including the reason for Coca-Cola interest on the company and whether the sale has undermined Innocent's philosophy. Coca-Cola's Interest in Innocent: Coca-Cola's interest in Innocent was clearly demonstrated when it purchased the small volume of shares or stake of the company in 2009. Since then the firm has continued to increase its shares in Innocent, which has prompted concerns on whether Innocent would be able to retain control and continue with its business mission. However, Coca-Cola's interest in Innocent can be attributed to several major reasons including "¦. Expansion of its Business: One of the major reasons why giant
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