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Assignment #1 – Market Segmentation and Product Positioning Marketing Management MKT 500 Assignment #1 – Market Segmentation and Product Positioning The Product: Unique jewelry designs The jewelry I design is made from genuine stones, pearls and crystals. The plan is to make it into an e-business. I also do custom jewelry. Sometimes it is difficult to find exactly what you want and visiting store after store hoping to find what you want feels tiring. Sometimes you find what you want but it’s made of fake stone and cheap material and it does not match your style. Custom design takes a little time, but it's worth it to get exactly what you want. Famous-name designer items can be extremely expensive and are easily copied. The same…show more content…
And people with low income will not be interested in a jewelry designed by an unknown designer. The genuine stones or gem stones will not appeal to them. 2. Discuss the target market and why these customers will be targeted: Gender: Women Age: Middle age to older women Household Income: $150,000 - $250,000 Education: Degree level and above The target market is for the sophisticated women, who are educated successful in their career. These women do not want to wear what any common woman is wearing. They want something different but also of a good quality. They do not want to wear mass produced jewelry from China. Also since baby boomers are of a retiring age now they are looking for some creative things to do at home. Classes for sewing, painting and creative design classes are full of these retired women in my area. These are the group of women who appreciate creativity. They have good eyes for a different creative jewelry design. They will also stay loyal as long as they are happy with the quality and the price. 3. Conduct a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and treats) analysis for the company; Strength: Original design – cannot be found elsewhere Handmade, therefore, unique Excellent Quality Real stones Reasonably priced Weakness: Caters only for small segment of people Small scale business Handmade, therefore, it is time consuming Opportunities: if

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