Cocaine : Drugs And Drugs

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Cocaine The drug known as cocaine refers to the powder substance extracted from coca leaves. Cocaine is often diluted with fillers or adulterants like talcum powder, sugar, caffeine, lidocaine, or even amphetamines to increase the amount of product available for distributors and dealers to sell. This drug is highly addictive, and many fall quickly into abuse patterns; eventually developing an addiction problem. Cocaine users come from all walks of life and occupations; ranging from the wealthiest persons in the world to individuals living in poverty. What is cocaine? What is cocaine? Cocaine is known by many different names: Blow, Charlie, Nose Candy and Coke just to list a few. As a very strong stimulant, this drug has few accepted medical uses. It is a schedule II substance described by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as: “…drugs with a high potential for abuse, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. These drugs are also considered dangerous.” Cocaine is used medically for numbing and reducing bleeding during nasal surgery. Recreationally, cocaine is often abused for its ability to create a sense of euphoria, increase the user’s energy level, bring on feelings of happiness, as well as to diminish feelings of fatigue and hunger. When used recreationally, cocaine is typically sniffed in its powdered form. Users will create lines of cocaine (sometimes known rails), then use rolled up banknotes, a piece of paper, a straw or
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