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Cocaine First of all this research paper will examine the history of cocaine, answer exactly who used it, effects of the drug and its addictive nature. People choose to write about cocaine so that others can clearly see and understand its historical origins and dangerous properties. Those who experiment with drugs should become aware of their dangerous effects and take caution. The more people that become knowledgeable about cocaine, the more they can protect themselves from seriously endangering themselves. Cocaine users that are seriously dependent on the drug can seek treatment and rehabilitate. Most cocaine users do not realize they have a problem until it becomes too late. Much like the alcoholic, a cocaine dependent’s body…show more content…
This fact could be attributed as to why there is so much crime in major cities where there are so many people in such small areas. Where the users are, the drug dealers would eventually come and so it got more and more out of control. The habit would drain them financially and then emotionally as they said they “needed it.” The findings and results of these case studies showed cocaine users in a dangerous light. The researchers reached the conclusion that “social factors influenced paranoia and hallucinations even at high consumption levels and [they] can attribute these findings to differences in learning between novice and experienced users” (Erickson, et al 206). The amount of cocaine using friends one has plays a role in the amount of cocaine consumed and the effects it has on the individual compared to if one took the drug alone. These factors are significantly different when it comes to the difference between crack and powder users. A study conducted in the early nineties found “significantly higher levels [of toxicity] than chewing or snorting occur after intravenous use [injection]” (Karch The Pathology of Drug Abuse 20). The drug enters the bloodstream immediately upon injection which helps bring the user to a faster “high.” This route of administration can be extremely addictive as the user will want more and more to achieve the same effect. The problematic effects

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