Cocaine In The Early 20th Century Essay

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Deion Alexander 08/28/2016 Research Paper Cocaine Hydrochloride in the early 20th century was used in many ways. Some may say that small doses were added to the drink Coca Cola, that’s where the name come from. I feel as if this is true because Coca Cola is slightly addictive. The original formula of coca cola did have 25mg of cocaine per 100ml of drink. That formula was used as a stimulant for headaches. Cocaine Hydrochloride was an ingredient in patent medicines, tonics, elixirs, and fluid extracts. With the right amount it could save and cure you but if you were given more than needed you would get addicted. Doctors knew what would happen to a patient if they were given to much therefore they created something called the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914. The Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914 was made and passed to put a restriction on the legal use of the cocaine. This was made because once the patient was cured and well their body was still craving the drug. In the 1930’s the cocaine demand was lower because with this act and the creation of amphetamine. There were still a few people doing cocaine for recreation use. The Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914 was starting to fail in the 60’s as the use of cocaine started to increase again. This time people were not using it to get well. They were using it as recreation then they was going back to their normal lives. It’s almost like people use using it as a hobby therefore it was labeled harmless. It was harmless because only a
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