Cocaine Is A Dangerous Addictive Drug

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Have you ever been on an energy high or sugar high?You think everything is funny? Are you having so much fun?So do you ever want it to stop? That is what cocaine does to you it can make everything in your life better, but only for a short amount of time.When the high fades away, you crave it some more. Cocaine is very dangerous to insert into your body in various ways. Cocaine has been around for many years it is not a newly discovered drug. There are recovery options but it can be hard to stay sober for a long period of time. Cocaine is a very addictive drug because it is a stimulant and directly dangers many parts of the body, but there is treatment although difficult. Cocaine has been around for many years and was legal in South America. In tribes in South America cocaine was used commonly. Scientist discovered that when a person died and became a mummy, cocaine could be discovered in their hair and remain there after death (west, page 25). Many old drawings also show that the people of the Moche tribe in South Africa were chewing cocaine (West, page 25). While chewing their cheeks would be full with the leaves.Also this drug took a role in religious ceremonies, for example funerals. The tribes using cocaine got taken over by the Inca Empire(West, Page 25). In the 1400s the royals were the only ones to use it and for special rituals. They figured out that there were some visual and physical powers to cocaine. They thought that cocaine was a gift from gods or goddesses
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