Cochlear And The International Market

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Introduction Cochlear is an Australia 'Born Global" company, which has been very successful in restoring partial hearing to deaf people and help them hear. As a global business, Cochlear has many market share in many market in which it operates. However, there are serious factors that can influence on Cochlear and might lose its market shares. Therefore, Cochlear need to verify the macro and micro factors around the market and decide on their target market and develop a suitable marketing mix in order to approach to success. Macro factors Cochlear is a technology-oriented company that producing hearing implants for the deaf people and Cochlear also nominated as a "born global" (Hewerdine& Welch, 2008). Cochlear is a small company that developed in Australia, but Cochlear has been decided to operate their early stage in the international market, for example, target marketing in China. To operate in other country 's market, the government funding is important to Cochlear, and that is the reason of success to Cochlear in the international market. Cochlear has set its target market as specific group and their products are health intensive. Cochlear 's products are well tested and safe as its products have developed with high technology and subjected to test and trials. The operation of Cochlear has significant exposure to the macro factors, which include political, legal, economic, technological and social environment, and all these factors will affect Cochlear 's decision on

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