Cochlear Hearing Aid

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For a very long time, researchers sought for ways to provide those with severe hearing loss the ability to hear. Unfortunately, this issue was not bypassed until 1972; however, many people are grateful a compromise was made. Cochlear hearing aids were marketed as an answer for people with profound hearing loss to be able to hear. The incredible cochlear hearing aid has consisted of an external part and an internal part ever since it was first implanted in 1972. As explained by American Speech-Hearing-Language Association, cochlear hearing aids work beyond the damaged the auditory nerve because “… the damaged hair cells are bypassed, and the auditory nerve is stimulated directly” (“Cochlear Implants”). Well-known news talk-show host Rush Limbaugh…show more content…
Hearing aids, especially cochlear hearing aids, are crucial to enhancing life experiences for those who receive them. An individual with a disability, such as severe hearing loss, should never stop pursuing who they want to be. A precious story that took place recently at the Emory University Medical Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, was about a father who has lost his hearing and his son who was born with next to no hearing. According to Emory News Center, “Thirty-five-year-old Randy Adams and his 16-month-old son Maxwell have a bond that most other father-son pairs won't share. They both have genetic defects of the inner ear, leaving Randy nearly deaf and son, Maxwell completely deaf” (“Father, son share special bond; both receive cochlear implants to improve hearing, speech”). Both Randy Adams and his son Maxwell received cochlear implants within months of each other and are currently in speech therapy together. This tear-jerking story will forever impact the both of their lives, and it is all made possible thanks to Alessandro Volta who started doing research for cochlear implants in the 1800s and all the researchers who dedicated time to developing and improving hearing aids. Cochlear hearing aids are definitely one of the best innovations ever created, solely because of the joy on peoples face when they hear for the first
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