Cochlear Implants Report

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The website I chose was from Ear and the article was written by a twelve year old patient whose name is not given. This twelve year old girl describes cochlear implants and controversy about them in a report she did for school. She based it off her brother, who was deaf, but got a cochlear implant. The doctor for this facility requested permission from her patient to post her report because it was very detailed and well formulated.
Since the girl does not have a name, I will refer to her as “the patient”. The patient described her brother, Jonathan (a kindergartener at the time), and herself as children who were born deaf and who both grew up with hearing aids. However, Jonathan’s hearing became worse and as a result, after
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Our outer ear is made up of the three tiny bones, the cochlea filled with fluid, and our tiny hair receptors that pick up sounds. Once a person is going deaf or is deaf, that means that hair cells are damaged and they can no longer send sound information to our hearing nerves. The implant “does not amplify sound. It bypasses the missing or damaged hair cells altogether, and delivers more sound information directly to the hearing nerve. The cochlear implant has two parts: 1) the implant, which is surgically placed into the Mastoid bone, and 2) the outer device of a headpiece and processor,” (Bhansali. 2001. Paragraph 7, Lines…show more content…
Overall, I believe if I was in a position where I was deaf I think I would have conflicted emotions. I respect the people of the deaf community and what they stand for. For me, I rely so much on my hearing. This is whether it’s for my job or my major (Linguistics), etc. If I were to lose my hearing my whole world would change. The same can be said for a person who is deaf who undergoes the surgery. They suddenly will be able to hear and this heightens the
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