Cochlear Implants : The Deaf Or The Hearing?

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Cochlear Implants Who really needs cochlear implants, the deaf or the hearing? Do these implants actually fix someone who isn’t ill? When you are no longer consider deaf, but are not hearing either you are essentially isolated. So why go through with a painful procedure that fixes nothing but the amount of work the hearing have to do to communicate? What exactly is a cochlear implant? A cochlear implant is a device that is surgically implanted into the head.. What the cochlear implant does is it delivers useful auditory signals from the environment to the patient by electronically bypassing nonfunctional parts of the ear and directly stimulating the auditory nerve. The implant increases the amount of nervous response to sound. The implant consist of internal and external parts. The external parts include a microphone, a speech processor, and a transmitter. The outer parts; depending on the model; include a small headpiece worn behind the ear or a body-worn modules that are placed in a shoulder pouch, in a pocket, or worn on a belt. There is a speech processor which converts these sounds into a digital signal. The transmitter converts the digital signals into FM radio signals and sends them through the skin to the internal parts of the implant. The transmitter and the internal parts are kept in correct alignment by using magnets present in both the internal and external parts of the device. The implant does not actually make the deaf individual hear the same as most hearing
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