Cockatiel Research Paper

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The different cockatiel sounds are screeching squawks, soft melodic sounds and these sounds are made for a reason. Males are more talkative than females and part of this mating process depends on his skills as a singer. One of observation during mating, if there are a lot of male cockatiels are courting a hen, other males step aside for the best singer. Singing is usually recognized by other male cockatiels and whoever is the best singer is elevated are moved up to make sure that the best singer is the winner of the hen.

Should you decide to do buy sound clips to pretend that someone is with them while you’re away, don’t bring something home that may stress your pet. Some sound clips might make him nervous instead of just keeping him company.Birds brought home at an early age usually learn to mimic human sounds more than how their own species sound. A cockatiel usually imitates its owner’s pet and a conversation normally strikes up. You may want to play a sing song
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On the other hand, females exhibit a different and a more subtle manner especially when they are prepared to mate. If she is ready to do so, she will slant her head down frontward and then softly lift up her tail while producing soft and supple chirping cockatiel sounds.

They are known for their talent to “voice themselves” by making piercing unsystematic whistles and noises and in point of fact trying to mimic and repeat the repeat and mimic what definite noises usually sound like.

As part of the parrot family, the cockatiels have the ability to talk louder than any other bird. However, since their vocal range is not as superior as those of the larger parrots and what comes out of their sounds are perceived as
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