Coclear Impairment

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In my experience I have realized that there is always a gap. As you make bigger efforts in one aspect, another one falls back. Everywhere I have worked, I found two kinds of teachers: The ones who always do the same and the ones who try to do a good job. In both cases, they use to say how frustrated they are because the results are not what they expected. The issue is that they are not aware of how education has changed and that we can not have the same expectations of all our students. Age, capacities, attitude, family, social context, appereance, are factors that influence directly the outcomes of a student in the classroom. However, these factors are managed as external issues that are someone else’s responsibility.
Currently, I work in a public school with an inclusion program for deaf or hearing impairment students. When I started to teach in tenth grade, I received two students in opposite corners. Both had a coclear implant, but one of them experienced his educational process of primary to ninth grade with deaf students and
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There have been several changes but in form, not in content. Curricula should be modified in order to include models of instruction, materials and activities that take into consideration diverse students needs. The implementation of significant changes will help students to feel identified with their educational process. If learners are aware of their process they would determine their strengths and weaknesses to direct their process and prepare themselves for their personal and professional life. The challenge is basically transform students and teachers’ minds towards the concepts of education, inclusion and differenciated instruction. As long as the country accept that “everybody is different”, educational system will recognize the impact this fact has in our life project and life
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