Coco Chanel Consequences

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Consequences and Results
Coco Chanel didn't come from a wealthy or glamorous background. Her parents were un-married, and after her mother passed away she grew up in an orphanage with her siblings. But when she became successful, she always lied about or embellished pretty much every-thing in her childhood, by rearranging events, inventing characters, and editing out siblings. She had no respect for anything she didn’t create. As she became more popular, people didn’t like the fact that she wasn’t sharing anything about herself with them. She even hired a few writers to write her an autobiography, but all of the eventually quit, since she didn’t want to talk about her past, or personal life. She used to always identify herself with the most
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When everyone was all about uncomfortable corsets, Chanel introduced cardigan jacket, and the little black dress. Simplicity, and comfort were the most important aspects of her work. Even though she tried to hide her past from the public, she stayed true to herself in private. Huge parts of her past is visible through her work. Like how she developed her love for everything black and white, from growing up with nuns, or how she became obsessed with suits because of one of her lovers. She believed in effortlessness, athleticism, and freedom, and everything she made clearly reflected that. Chanel was her own best model. She never wore anything that she didn’t made herself, but she got the word out by giving away her latest designs to influential women, “Chanel kept a careful eye on her own growing fame, while at the same time shrugging it off, she liked to claim sole responsibility for creating not just the modern woman’s wardrobe, but the entire woman herself, one who strode down the road in her short swingy skirts, smoking, taking lovers, and listening to jazz” (Karbo 99). The engine that drove her life was work, perfectionism, and a determination to avoid having to rely on anyone, not exactly the carefree traits of a party girl, and that’s what
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