Coco Chanel: Life and Times

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Indeed, she has such a huge following of admirers that in some instances, fans have made pilgrimages to one of her preserved apartments in Paris. As Tracy, a professed "timeless fan" of Chanel notes, "Chanel's fashion spirit will forever remain immortal." Further, her timeless designs also continue to be hugely popular today.
Though in her later life she came to be regarded one of the world's most influential designers of all time, Chanel's earlier life was far from glamorous. Coco Chanel was born sometimes in the year 1883 though she later disputed the same as her birth date (replacing it with 1893). Chanel's mother passed on when she was aged 6 years old leaving the young Chanel and four of her siblings under the care of her father. Soon after, her father put her in an orphanage run by Catholic nuns. It is here that the young Channel learnt the art of sewing something that would prove to be much helpful in her later undertakings. When she attained the age of eighteen, Chanel left the orphanage and later on, she secured a job as a seamstress. However, Chanel would occasionally put her other talent, singing, into use by performing at a cabaret. Soon, Chanel moved to Deauville where she become romantically involved with Etienne Balsan and later on became his mistress at the age of 23. It…

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