Coco Chanel: a Fashion Icon Legacy Essay example

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Coco Chanel: A Fashion Icon Legacy
Thinking of fashion, many names come into mind: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Yves Saint Laurent, but the one that sticks out over all of these seems to constantly be Chanel. Chanel’s story is most inspiring due to her journey; she was not born into the glamour life. Chanel had to work for success, coming up from impoverishment, not even bringing a family with her out of it. She was to be the name on the company, the one that will be admired and noted for the work she did and the obstacles she overcame. Coco Chanel’s hardships not only shaped her future and designs, but they revolutionized fashion and created an iconic image and company that will not be forgotten.
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She found the help “[in 1992,] . . . from Pierre Wertheimer to market [the] fragrance” (IDCH). She made an agreement with the Wertheimers, selling clothes under the Chanel name, but designing her business as a separate company.
Though the Wertheimer family would control the Chanel brand finances, the drive and vision came from Coco (International . . . 2). In 1922, Theophile Bader, French department store chain Galaries Lafayette founder, introduced Coco to Ernst Wertheimer’s son, Pierre (International . . . 2). In 1921, the family and Coco were introduced through desperation of a business partner as she “sought financial help, [and] . . . Pierre Wertheimer wanted to help her succeed,” so he founded Parfums, retaining 70 percent ownership, giving 20 percent to Bader, and leaving Coco Chanel with a measly 10 percent (International . . . 2). Introducing other fragrances including No. 5 in 1929, she operated a fashion studio near the Louvre in Paris, but “the personal relationship between Coco Chanel and Pierre Wertheimer deteriorated” (International . . . 2). Coco Chanel felt the exploitation from the family that would eventually lead her to hiring an attorney to renegotiate agreements, as she felt that she had unwittingly signed away the rights to her own name” (International . . . 2). By the time Coco secured another lover, Hans Gunther von Dincklage, a German Military officer, she had fired many of her employees and shut down
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