Coco Energy Drink

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Chapter 1

Rationale of the Study

Across the globe today, more and more people are becoming drawn to living healthy lifestyles, and practicing healthy eating habits. With the proliferation of diseases previously unheard of and the progression of already identified ones into more life-threatening strains, the adage “prevention is better than cure” has become a mantra among individuals wishing to preserve the well-being of their bodies.

The natural products health industry is a very lucrative one. In 2008, it expanded by 8% to $270B despite the economic downturn that rocked many industries. The industry is still on the rise throughout the world. As seen in the table below, it is expected to experience
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This healthier lifestyle leads to more productive results, and will eventually benefit the institutions in a significant way in the long run.

Review of Related Literature

The tropical fruit has emerged as a hot trend, with its nutritional components being promoted for health or fitness reasons. Coconut water is advertised as a refreshing, electrolyte-rich beverage suitable for replacing sports drinks. Not to be confused with the far richer coconut milk, coconut water is a clear liquid extracted from very young green coconuts. It's billed as "nature's sports drink" because like Gatorade and other energy drinks, it contains water for rehydration, carbohydrates in the form of sugar for energy, and electrolytes to replace what's lost through sweat.

In most cases, the best way to restore your body's fluids and electrolytes after exercise is simply with water and food, particularly fruit. In cases of severe exertion or illness, however, a quick electrolyte boost may be necessary. For those reluctant to consume sports drinks with all their added colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives, nature has provided the perfect rehydrating drink and that is the coconut water.

Coconut water is found inside the cavity of a young, unripe coconut. The balance of electrolytes in coconut water is nearly the same as that in the human blood.
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