Coco Research Paper

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On my bed, for the last 10 years, there has always been a stuffed animal waiting for me to coddle. I have no idea that I should call it a dog or a bear, but I still loves it with all my heart, therefore I named it Coco, my favorite cartoon character from the childhood memory. Coco is not like any other conventional stuff animals such as cute teddy bear with a ribbon or pink fluffy bunny ; she has the most boring color, yellowish brown, and there are two cloth patches on her body. However, she is the most soft and comforting toy I ever had. Every time I go to bed, she is always laying there, leaves her arm wide open, and awaits me to give her a hug. To me, this little 15-inches Coco is my emotional support, my inseparable piece of memory, and my friend that I always trust. Coco is nevertheless an epitome of my life and whenever I look at her, I remember that particular night. After the excitement of living in the US and leaving the parents for the first time fades, the feeling of fear and loneliness starts to resurface on the tip of my heart. At night, when the house is back to the state of solitude,…show more content…
Why are you still up? Are you okay?” “Yes, I’m fine. It just, I miss you and dad.” “…I miss you too, honey, but I can’t simply show up in front of you right now. Pick up Coco and hug her. She is still your friend and family member and she will always by your side. Recall all happy memories we spent together and be strong!” As I hold Coco’s little arm around me, the laugh and the chat of the happy time resonate in my ears and the scenery of places we traveled together flashes through my mind. Hugging her is like hugging my parents, soft, warm, and filled with love and happiness. For the thousands of nights after, when I feel tired and exhausted, I will check out my little friend near my pillow and remember that even though it needs 22 hours to get by their side, I am still my parents’ little girl and there are always with
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