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1. Executive Summary 1.1 Business Introduction Cocoa Delights has been known to be a youngest gourmet chocolate manufacturers in early 21st century. Founded in 2000, cocoa delights has 15 stores chain in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. Product line includes Australian made highest quality chocolates with wide varieties. 1.2 Mission Statement Cocoa Delights is committed to becoming the leader in the Australian market for premium quality chocolate and maintaining a company culture which fosters and encourages continuous improvement. Our mission is to provide Australian consumers with the highest quality chocolate on the market whilst maintaining the promise to trade fairly with both local and overseas suppliers, promoting…show more content…
2.1.1 Company strengths • Highest quality chocolates available on the Australian marketplace • European quality Chocolates • Enormous variety and choice in chocolates with healthy and eco-friendly alternatives • Only company in Australia which processes more than ten different types of cacao from several countries and works solely with fine cacao • Company uses Australian made sugar, fruit, nuts and dairy products. Australian population loves to use Australian made products • Experienced staff who understand customer’s needs. 2.1.2 Market Size and Opportunity According to report, the gourmet chocolate market in Australia is currently estimated at $1.5m in annual sales with a projected growth rate of 10% per annum. 2.1.3 Company Weaknesses 1. Company marketing budget for year 2010 is $280,000 which includes Direct mail, magazine advertising and radio promotions. Marketing budget is very low compare to international competitors. Marketing budget forecast for year 2011 and 2012 is $308,000 and $338,800 respectively. 2. Company founded in year 2000, it is very young compare to competitors. 3. Company products’ market reach is limited to major shopping malls in suburban areas or Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. 2.2 Marketing Strategy Main aim of Cocoa Delight's marketing strategy is to create customer awareness of the Dark Decadence product line, and then work towards building

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