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From the Ashes Fire protection engineering, or the application of science and engineering to protect people and their environment from fire, has been around for centuries. The problem with advancements in this field is that they are preventative and, if ahead of their time, often seen as unnecessary. As a result, they are usually not considered or implemented until after severe tragedy has struck. A prime example of this is also the first recorded use of fire protection engineering. In AD 64, Emperor Nero had regulations drawn up that required fireproof materials used in the external walls to the city. This, of course, happened only after an estimated seventy percent of Rome was lost to fire. More noticeable regulations happened …show more content…
Not many got through before the pushing lodged the door shut. Others in the main club moved toward the hinged door that opened out to Shawmut Street, and many did escape out this way.
The patrons inside the Broadway Lounge, being the farthest away from the lobby, were only alerted to the fire when guests from the main club area ran in looking for an exit. The fire, having started approximately five minutes ago, was now in full force. The smoke, flames, and heat quickly caused all in the lounge to panic and the only available exit, an inward opening door that led to Broadway Street, was blocked shut within moments. (Thomas)
Firefighters were on the scene seconds after the blaze started. The department already had several units on the block for an automobile fire and immediately went to work rescuing people near the entrances. Once they realized how dire the situation was, they called for more and more help. Firefighters and citizens broke the windows on the Shawmut Street side of the building in an attempt to pull as many people out as possible. The victims, suffering from smoke inhalation and burns, were transported as quickly as possible to area hospitals. When they ran out of ambulances and emergency vehicles, newspaper trucks were used. (Thomas) For over an hour, Boston City Hospital averaged a new patient every 11 seconds. Out of the first 200 to arrive, 150 had already

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